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Weed Control In Tucson, AZ

Weeds On Your Tucson Property Are Pests Too

They may not crawl into your house, contaminate your food, and damage your belongings, but weeds are pests too. They are often unsightly, they choke out the healthy growth you work hard to cultivate, and it can seem like no matter what you do, they never die. If you have weeds on your Tucson property that you want to control, let Rigo Pest Prevention help with our weed control services.

Weed Control From Rigo Pest Prevention

Getting control of weeds is not something you can do with just one treatment. Instead, a routine treatment plan is your best chance for eliminating weeds and maintaining a weed-free yard. 

After over a decade of treating Tucson properties from pest weeds, Rigo Pest Prevention has found that a quarterly schedule is ideal for weed control. Your first service consists of a weed knockdown service to eliminate the weeds that have already grown on your lawn. The following quarter, we’ll perform a pre-emergent treatment to stop weeds before they grow. We will rotate these two treatments each quarter to maintain your Tucson lawn’s protection from weeds.

A Beautiful, Weed-Free Lawn Is Within Your Grasp

Don’t let weeds destroy all of your hard work or keep you from enjoying your yard. With weed control services from Rigo Pest Prevention, you won’t have to worry about weeds anymore and instead can focus on creating the beautiful, thriving landscaping you’ve always wanted. To learn more or to request an appointment, contact us today.

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