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Pests can be a real headache for your business and send the wrong message to your customers. Pest can damage your property, put you at risk of costly lawsuits, and cause lost productivity. That’s why we offer commercial pest control services to keep your business free from pests.

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We know how frustrating it can be when pests invade your business, especially when they leave behind a mess that costs time and money to clean up. Thankfully, Rigo Pest Prevention is here to help. We’re a well-known commercial pest control service provider in the Tucson, AZ, area, ready to protect your company. Our exterminators are experts in the field and can identify the source of any pest infestation. Trust us to use only environmentally-friendly products that won’t harm your staff, customers or tenants. Additionally, we stand behind our services with comprehensive warranties tailored to your needs. For termite treatments, we offer an annual warranty for partial treatments and a 2-3 year warranty for full treatments, ensuring your sense of safety long after the pests are gone.

commercial pest control tucson az

Pest Management That Provides Long-Term Solutions

Our commercial pest control services are designed to meet the needs of businesses in various industries. Whether you have an assisted living center, retail store, or industrial facility, we’ll work with you to identify the pests that are most likely to affect your business and create a customized plan for them. If you need help with an infestation at your property, contact us today!

We can assist all types of businesses, including:

  • Hotels
  • Property management
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA)
  • Retail Stores
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • And more!

Protect Your Company’s Image

We know that pests can be a nuisance, but they don’t have to be. Our commercial pest control service is designed to keep your property pest-free without disrupting your business operations – we regularly work after hours! We have experience working with businesses in and near Tucson, AZ, and understand the unique challenges of managing a large space. We’re also happy to work with you on a customized plan, so if you have any special requests or concerns about your building’s structure, please let us know!

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