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Rigo Pest Prevention Careers

Community Impact

At Rigo Pest Prevention, we believe our customers deserve to live, work and play in a totally bug-free environment. We understand that our work has a ripple effect on local families, businesses, and community members, which is why we take our approach to hiring and recruitment so seriously.

As our company continues to expand, we find ourselves in need of passionate, self-starting individuals with a heart for pest control and the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments. We are keen to partner with thoughtful, motivated experts who see pest management services as a passion rather than a paycheck.

Are you passionate about serving others and your community with the highest degree of professionalism? Do you enjoy using servant leadership to strengthen local families and businesses? Are you willing to learn and grow in your pest control career?

If so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to become part of a local, industry-leading company working hard to make our customers and employees happy.

Our Values

A career at Rigo Pest Prevention is more than just a job. Designed to care for people, places, and pets at any stage of life, we hire only the best of the best to support our ongoing mission.

We pride ourselves on having a can-do attitude in everything we do, supporting values such as:

  • Humility: We acknowledge our wins with an eye for continuous improvement. We understand that we’re not perfect, which is why we strive to cultivate growth through transparent communication. 
  • Candor: We are open to giving and receiving honest feedback because it helps everyone. There’s no room for inauthentic people here! 
  • Intentional: We identify opportunities to act with purpose and excellence. Everything we do must be valuable, purposeful, and, most importantly, beneficial to our community. 
  • Kindness: We engage in the Golden Rule at all times. We treat others in the way we want to be treated and expect the same from our employees. 

If you’re interested in applying for a job with Rigo Pest Prevention, please complete the contact form below.

Not Just Employees, But Family

Rigo Pest Prevention is not your typical pest control company.

We’re family-first, which means we pour into our employees and their loved ones as though they were members of our own family.

We’re committed to value. We’re not perfect, but we work hard to ensure our team members are supported with technical tools and training, a collaborative culture, and a work environment where they feel loved and supported.

Finally, we are excellence-driven. Our company culture encourages employees to achieve excellence through performance and dedication that is both seen and recognized.

If Rigo Pest Prevention sounds like a good fit for your experience, personality, and values, we would love to hear from you.

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