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Termite Remediation In Tucson, AZ

Termite Control For Your Tucson Home Or Business

Termites are pests that we never think about until we realize they’re in our house. However, unlike some other pests that make themselves known almost immediately, the big danger with termites is that they can live in your house for months or even years before you know they’re there. During that time, they’ll keep themselves busy chewing through the wooden elements of your home, including the structures that hold your house up. 

If you suspect that termites are already in your house or you want to prevent them from getting inside, Rigo Pest Prevention can help. We’ve been providing termite remediation services to Tucson homes since 2008. These warrantied services are tailored to your particular needs and will protect your home from damaging termites.

Termite Remediation Services From Rigo Pest Prevention

Identifying whether you already have termites in your home and what species they are is vital in providing you with the right type of termite control. To do this, we first inspect your house using our training and years of experience. We’ll look in both interior and exterior locations, as well as in your crawl space and attic, to look for any signs of termite activity or damage. After the inspection is complete, we’ll recommend a course of action that will protect your home.

Drywood Termites

If drywood termites are in your house, we have two treatments available to eliminate the infestation. The first is a foam treatment. We will drill holes in your walls and inject an expandable foam into the wall voids. The active ingredient in the foam is undetectable to termites and quickly spreads through the colony, eliminating them all.

Our other drywood termite treatment is a borate treatment that treats the wood itself. This all-natural treatment protects the wooden elements in your home from termites.

Our drywood termite treatments come with a one-year, non-renewable warranty.

Subterranean Termites

If your home needs protection from subterranean termites, we offer a traditional trench and treat service using Termidor®, America’s #1 termite defense product. We’ll dig a shallow trench in the soil all around the perimeter of your house, treat the trench with Termidor®, then fill the trench back in. When termites cross the barrier, they will eventually be eliminated by the active ingredient, but not before spreading it to the other members of the colony. 

If necessary, we can also drill into your slab, inject the treatment into the holes, then fill the holes back in. We’ll make a recommendation about whether this is needed prior to performing your treatment.

Our subterranean termite treatments come with a tiered warranty. Spot treatments include a one-year renewable warranty. Full perimeter treatments include a two-year renewable warranty that can be scaled up depending on the size of your home.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

We offer a Wood Destroying Insect Report service for real estate transactions. Learn more by visiting our service page or by filling out the form below.

Don’t Let Termites Win The Battle For Your Home

Termites are a formidable foe, but that doesn’t mean you have to surrender to them. With the right battle plan, you can stop the war before it has a chance to start. Rigo Pest Prevention offers the services you need to eliminate active termites in your Tucson home and prevent new infestations. Don’t let termites eat you out of your house and home. Contact Rigo Pest Prevention today to request an appointment.