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Mosquito Control In Tucson, AZ

Effective Mosquito Control Solutions For Your Tucson, AZ Property

Mosquitoes are vile biting insects that leave their victims itchy and irritated. As vectors for several severe diseases like malaria and various encephalitis infections, they can also threaten your health. Mosquitoes can be challenging to get rid of on your own, but we can help! At Rigo Pest Prevention, we have developed a comprehensive mosquito control service in Tucson to significantly reduce mosquito populations on your property when you need it. Our Tucson pest control professionals have the expertise to restore an enjoyable mosquito-free environment to your property. Contact us for more information on our residential pest control services.

Our Proven Mosquito Control Technique

Don't let mosquitoes keep you locked away inside all summer. Our effective mosquito control service will get you back outside in no time. This service includes an inspection and two treatment applications which are perfect for seasonal mosquito protection and special events. Anytime you need some extra help with reducing mosquito populations on your property, we've got you covered! 


To begin, we will conduct a thorough examination of the exterior of your property. We will be looking for harborage areas such as eaves, porches, and heavy vegetation like shrubs. We will also be searching for standing or stagnant water that serves as a breeding area for mosquitoes.


Once we have discovered the reasons you're having mosquito problems, we can apply the appropriate treatments. Generally, this treatment plan consists of two separate treatment applications to all potential harborage or resting sites. These sites can include under the eaves, porch or patio covers, and all foliage. Mosquitoes like to hide on the underside of leaves, so we will pay particular attention when treating vegetation. 

We apply all treatments with a backpack mister. The first application uses a wettable powder designed to eliminate existing mosquitoes quickly. We will return 7-10 days later to apply a microencapsulated product that offers extended, residual protection.

Get Started With Mosquito Protection Services When You Need Them

Mosquito season is always closer than you think. In southern Arizona, mosquitoes are most active from late summer through late fall. Start planning mosquito protection for your Tucson property now! The sooner you begin, the easier it will be to maintain an enjoyable outdoor area all season long. Our expert team of pest control professionals at Rigo Pest Prevention has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to tackle your pest control needs. As Tucson's favorite pest control company, we look forward to becoming your favorite too! Contact us today to get started with residential pest control services in Tucson, AZ!