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The Secret To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Tucson Yard

November 15, 2021 - Scorpions

Scorpions are among the most common pests that plague homeowners in Arizona. There are an estimated 70 different species of scorpions are found in the U.S., and more than 1000 types exist worldwide. Scorpions are equipped with four pairs of legs, a larger pair of pinchers (pedipalps), and a barbed tail.

Scorpions are predominately nocturnal creatures that are less noticeable during the daylight hours. Their diet consists primarily of insects such as spiders, cockroaches, and crickets. While some species pose no legitimate health risks to humans, many types can deliver dangerous stings that can have significant health risks among children, the elderly, and other vulnerable members of the population.

Some of the most common types found in this area include:

  • Bark scorpions: Among the most venomous types, bark scorpions have two dark eyes and appear in shades of tan, yellow, or brown.
  • Arizona striped-tail scorpions: Also referred to as the devil scorpion, the striped-tail species has a unique triangle-like marking on its head and is less dangerous than the bark scorpion.
  • Hairy desert scorpions:  Hairy desert scorpions are less likely to move indoors and prefer to remain beneath the floor of the desert. They are large types that often measure six inches long. 
  • Yellow ground scorpions: Because of their appearance, the yellow ground scorpion is often confused with the bark scorpion; however, it is much less dangerous.

What Attracts Scorpions To My Property?

During the hottest summer months, scorpions may travel indoors for cooler temperatures. Scorpions are carnivores that tend to migrate toward insects—their primary prey. If you notice many scorpions on your property, it might be an indication of other pest-related concerns.

Best Practices For Prevention

Scorpions are likely to travel to sources of food; therefore, keeping your home free of roaches and spiders is essential. They are also attracted to water sources, and property owners should limit standing water by repairing leaky spigots and addressing plumbing-related problems.

Another key is preventing any points of entry to the property. Closely inspect the structure’s exterior near the foundation for any cracks that have developed and fill them with a durable sealant.

Do I Need Assistance From A Pest Extermination Professional?

Far too many property owners make well-intentioned efforts to eradicate pest-related problems on their own. Often, these individuals will acquire do-it-yourself treatment options promoted by online retailers and local home improvement stores.

The problem is that many of these products, including aerosol sprays, traps, and baiting stations, are only sufficient for expelling minor intrusions from pests that have yet to become deeply entrenched within the structure. The best course of action is to promptly speak with a licensed, local pest controller that will accurately diagnose and efficiently oust any pests.

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We also operate in a safe manner for our clients and the local environment that we share. Our organization is properly registered and insured according to the Arizona Pest Management Division (PMD) that is the primary regulator of our industry statewide and among the key segments of the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA).

Leading Provider Of Pest Control Solutions In Tucson

In addition to scorpions, the team of trained experts with Rigo Pest Prevention is prepared and well-equipped to eliminate problems associated with rodents, cockroaches, termites, and various other troublesome and potentially harmful pests.

We will deploy an expert to conduct a detailed interior and exterior property assessment to determine the nature of the problem, the extent of the infestation, and the best available treatment option. We encourage you to contact our office today.