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The Most Effective Mosquito Control Solution For Your Tucson Yard

August 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

Living in Tucson, one of the main concerns that residents here have is getting through the scorching heat during the warmer months of the year. Another unfortunately frequent part of life in Tuscon is the abundance of invasive pests throughout the city that cause all kinds of problems for residents, making pest control in Tuscon critical. One of the most frequent and potentially dangerous of these invasive pests are mosquitoes. 

The Life Cycle Of A Mosquito 

The life cycle of common mosquitoes consists of four separate stages and typically takes around two weeks to complete. A female mosquito begins the process by laying eggs after consuming a blood meal from a human or animal host. The first three stages of the mosquito's life cycle, from egg to larva to pupa, occur in water and are the stages in which its body forms. At the end of the pupa stage, the mosquito’s body parts have hardened, and it emerges from the water as a flying adult.     

Why Mosquitoes Are Considered So Dangerous 

Mosquitoes are primarily considered a nuisance pest due to their frequent bites and the itchy sores that they produce. These blood-sucking insects are also known to transmit a whole host of diseases and can become a serious health threat if they invade your property. The viruses that can be spread by these pests range from common and local illnesses to life-threatening viruses that can be spread by mosquitoes through international travel. Until we live in a world without mosquitoes, it is important to take every step possible to reduce the threat they pose.   

Some of the diseases carried by mosquitoes include:  

  • Encephalitis  
  • West Nile virus  
  • Yellow fever  
  • Tularemia  
  • Dengue  
  • Chikungunya  

Due to the severe potential health threats that mosquitoes pose, it is vital to act immediately if you see signs of mosquito activity on your property. Feel free to reach out to Rigo Pest Prevention to consult with our team of expert pest technicians on how to keep your property mosquito and pest-free.  

Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Your Yard 

In order to keep your property free of mosquitoes, it is crucial to understand what causes them to invade your property in the first place. While it can often come down to the luck of the draw whether mosquitoes will invade any property, there are common factors that attract mosquitoes, and eliminating them to the best of your ability can greatly reduce the chance that they will target your home.   

Common mosquito attractants on Tuscon properties include:  

  • Sugary drinks and food: While female mosquitoes need blood to produce eggs, both male and female mosquitoes require sugar to survive.  
  • Standing water: Mosquitos are attracted to stagnant water, which you can find in many parts of your yard and property, such as in gutters and trash cans. They use these areas as breeding grounds.  
  • Piles of yard debris: Piles of yard debris or waste, such as piles of leaves or grass clippings, are often used by mosquitoes as nesting areas.  

For further recommendations on how to ensure that there are no mosquitoes on your property, contact our team of pest control experts at Rigo Pest Prevention. 

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard 

While using practical mosquito prevention methods on your property can be effective at reducing the chance of an infestation, it is still possible for infestations to occur. Luckily for residents in Tuscon, Rigo Pest Prevention is here to help if you do have the unfortunate experience of dealing with a mosquito infestation. Rigo Pest Prevention, a local Tuscon pest control specialist, has been keeping Tuscon homes safe and pest free since 2008. Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience in exterminating and preventing mosquito infestations. 

Mosquitoes are known to carry dangerous diseases, don’t wait for an infestation to get out of control. Call us today to get rid of these dangerous pests. We will work with you to create a custom pest control plan that suits your specific situation and needs. We offer no-obligation inspections and provide flexible scheduling options for all of our clients.