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Are Weeds Taking Over Your Tucson Yard?

May 15, 2022 - Weeds

Your Tucson yard can be a thing of pride, but when weeds move in and start to take over your carefully curated property, you may not know what to do next. Thankfully, many Tucson area pest control companies can also provide you with weed control that ensures your yard stays free of unwanted plants and pests.

What Causes Weeds To Grow?

Weeds are opportunistic plants and will only grow when the conditions are favorable to them. This means that they can spring up virtually anywhere if the temperature and moisture levels can sustain them; this is why you commonly see weeds growing wherever possible, such as the cracks in roads and sidewalks and bare areas of turf. 

It is also important to note that weed seeds are abundant and can spread throughout your yard, laying dormant until conditions are just right. You could have a weedless yard one day and a completely infested one a few days later unless you take necessary weed control precautions.

The Most Common Weeds That Grow In Tucson And How To Treat Them

There are thousands of different types of weeds found worldwide, but only a few notable ones in the Tucson area that you need to keep an eye out for. If you need help identifying these weeds around your yard, you should reach out to Rigo Pest Prevention.

  • Ragweed
  • Green Foxtail
  • Common Purslane
  • Pigweed
  • Bur Clover

It is important to note that any of these weeds can produce pollen that may trigger allergy symptoms, making your time spent outside uncomfortable. To treat these Tucson weed varieties, you should implement weed prevention tips and speak with our Rigo Pest Prevention professionals for weed control help.

Five Tips For Weed Control 

These five tips can help you control weeds around your yard and ensure that these pesky plants don’t take over your property:

  1. Make sure that your lawn stays dense and that you address any areas of bare or thin turf. Keeping density with the plants and grass you want to cultivate effectively chokes out weeds and doesn’t give them space to grow in your yard.
  2. Mow your lawn regularly, but be sure not to cut the grass blades too low. You should be aiming to keep grass about three inches in length, as this provides shade for the soil underneath the grass and prevents sunlight from drawing weeds out.
  3. Water your lawn correctly to create a deeper and more robust root system. This makes for a healthier lawn and ensures that conditions are less favorable for weeds to breakthrough.
  4. Spraying pre-emergent and herbicidal weed treatments on your lawn can help you kill existing weeds and deter these plants from growing further. Our experts at Rigo Pest Prevention will help you with this task.
  5. Installing a weed barrier underneath the soil on your property can be a long-term solution to weed control; this fabric stops weeds from growing through the soil of your yard.

Rigo Can Help With Weed Control 

When it comes to controlling pesky weeds, Rigo Pest Prevention has the equipment and the experience necessary to make short work of these invaders. Our specialists at Rigo Pest Prevention will work with you to customize weed treatment solutions to your property’s needs and follow up with routine treatments so that your yard stays perfectly curated and free from weeds no matter the season.